Chakra koru Flower of Life
Chakra koru Flower of Life
Chakra koru Flower of Life
Chakra koru Flower of Life
18,00 €
Tuotenumero: 27149

Koru:   Chakra koru, synteettinen fiber optic lasikivi, tiikerinsilmä efekti

Materiaali: Allergisoimaton korumetalli

Koko:  Läpimitta 3,5 cm

Ketju:  Kirurgin teräsketju 70 cm

Pakkaus: Lahjarasia

FIBER OPTIC CAT'S EYE ** As you might have guessed, this is a synthetic (man-made) stone. It is composed of a substance known as Ulexite, which is spun glass fibers fused together and then machine-cut to form the shapes.** Any stone that displays the cat's eye effect, including Fiber Optic Cat's Eye, Tiger, Eye, and Chrysocolla to name a few, is said to have chatoyancy, which is a single streak of light that can be seen when the stone is rotated.** Crystal healers put Cat's Eye into the same category as many other chatoyant stones. Even though the stone is man-made, it still contains the chemical properties of some types of natural glass (primarily Quartz), so it is said to posses the same metaphysical attributes. Cat's Eye brings serene happiness, it stimulates intuition and enhances awareness.** All Cat's Eye stones (natural or synthetic) are considered to be lucky for gamblers. ** All Cat's Eye stones are said to protect from the Evil Eye and bring good fortune.** Fiber Optic Cat's Eye is the same material used in fiber optic telephone technology

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